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If your vehicle needs engine work, bring it in today, and let us get going so you can be out on the road again and worry-free. Don't ignore the engine work that your car desperately needs.

Get your necessary transmissions and drive train service so your car runs at its optimal potential. Failing to take care of your vehicle can result in much more serious repairs with higher costs to you.

Take care of your brakes so your car stops when you need it to! When you give your car the maintenance that it requires, you can rely on it to be safe and to perform optimally without worry.


"Dennis runs a great shop! He makes you feel comfortable and provides a great service."

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Service your engines right with Peak Auto Service

Take care of necessary components

Brakes and maintenance 

checked regulary

- Kathleen

Quality repairs at fair prices

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Providing full-service maintenance

for all makes and models